MiniRx provides Reactive State Management inspired by Redux.

Redux Principles

  • Single Source of Truth: The Store holds the global application state
  • State is read-only and is only changed by dispatching actions
  • Changes are made using pure functions called reducers

MiniRx uses one way data flow. State changes and view updates always follow these steps:

  • The view dispatches an action (e.g. ADD PRODUCT) with an optional payload
  • The Reducer function uses that action and creates a new state based on the action payload and the current state
  • The state is stored in the store (Single Point of Truth)
  • MiniRx exposes state as RxJS Observable: Any component can subscribe to the Observable state by using a selector to get notified of specific state changes.

With MiniRx you can update state without actions and reducers. With the FeatureStore API you can manage a specific feature state directly and with less boilerplate. Updating state is as simple as calling `setState` on a FeatureStore instance.

MiniRx is in public beta now:

You can install MiniRx from npm: MiniRx

GitHub Repo: MiniRx on Github