after Apple announced not to support Flash on their iOS devices a super fast transition happened in media industry. Suddenly Flash was supposed to be a dead technology and everything had to be done with HTML5 and Javascript. For sure Flash was overused on websites and just for SEO and accessibility reasons it should be avoided.
But in my eyes the transition went to fast and HTML5 and Javascript are used even if Flash would be the better alternative... There are main areas where Flash is still a reasonable technology.

So it´s worth to think of it properly. In some cases flash still might be the best technology. Don´t use HTML5/Javascript just because it´s more cool.

UPDATE: Flash is dead. Adobe does not seem to push the platform any further. HTML5 and Javascript are the future of the web. Still we have to be patient till HTML5/Javascript will catch up with the possibilities of Flash (e.g. Video, Webcam-Support). Not to mention the cross browser optimization hell of HTML5 Applications. Also real Animation Tools are still missing. The combination of Adobe Flex IDE (for coding) and the Flash IDE (for animation, gfx) was just perfect! Adobe edge can just be the first step. Hope Adobe will come up with a proper solution to that.

UPDATE 2: Flash not yet dead: Siemens Actionscript Touchscreen Application
as mentioned before: for offline animation heavy applications flash still rocks. this app can be easily distributed to android or iOS devices as well.