The Content Management System Silverstripe is the perfect basis for your website. With silverstripe you can maintain the contents of your website at a high level of usability that you hardly find in other CMS-Systems. Furthermore the system is very flexibel, so all client wishes can be fulfilled fast at anytime.

You as the client can expect:

  • user friendly backend: easy and intuitive
  • image- and document management
  • flexible management of contents (versioning and staging: draft, preview, publish)
  • practical user management with different roles and permissions
  • fast and flexible development and extensibility (which means low costs)
  • support for multilingual websites
  • search engine optimization (speaking URLs, easy editing of Title, Descriptions, Keywords)
  • for free (Silverstripe is Open Source)
  • performance and even more performance with Caching

Developers will love silverstripe because of this:

  • SilverStripe Framework is built upon modern best practices, using an object-oriented MVC/ORM architecture
  • the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) makes it easy to setup relational database structures and read and write data
  • scaffolding of models in the backend
  • build-in Model Admin
  • development of PHP Applications with the separately available Silverstripe Framework
  • environments
  • easy installation
  • great and helpful community

My silverstripe references:

Here you can test the silverstripe backend: Silverstripe DEMO
Username: "german"
Password: "password"